Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tips to Maintain Aluminium Garage Doors

It is necessary to keep garage door in a proper condition to avoid mishaps. This largest door of your premises serves by safeguarding your vehicle and other valuable property. So, if you want your belongings to be safe and sound you need to maintain the door regularly. If you have aluminium garage doors and it becomes dull and old, you are advised to re-coat it in order to bring back the shine and rejuvenate its looks. It can be achieved quite easily by following some tips from repair technicians.

Tips to Paint Aluminium Garage Door

Clean the Door

You are supposed to clean the door properly before you are preparing to prime it. It is essential for it to be free from dust and debris to have an excellent surface for the primer it. Make it free from any loose particles using the firm bristled brush. You can use easily available warm soapy water to clean the door and scrub off any loose parts that chip away from the surface. Aluminium doesn’t oxidize and its original quality can get impaired.

Prepare the Door

Painting exterior objects in extreme wet, cold or hot weather conditions is an absolutely bad idea. Because metals and alloys expand in the heat through retention. Thus, it will not let the paint to dry to the highest standard which you would expect. Once you are finished with the washing, let it dry completely, then you can begin painting on the primed coat.

It is suggested to use 1/8 solvent in the primer. When you have primed the garage door, it is essential to leave it for at least twenty four hours to dry and set properly. Spray primer can also be used which is suitable for aluminium but always mask off areas which you do not want to paint.

Painting the Door

After the completion of twenty four hour for drying the door you can paint the garage door. If you want  to paint in less time try to use large brush. Rollers can also be used but they are much harder to clean if you use oil based paint, so a brush is a better option. It is bit depends on the type of garage door you have so as to know how to direct the brush. To get better result always leave that first coat to dry thoroughly.

Application of Second Coat

It is very essential for the first coat to be completely dry before you apply the second coat. In order to cure some parts of the doors that look little patchy or blotchy, solid application of the second coat is essential which vanish all that patches and will even out the coverage for a uniform appearance.

After you finish with the painting, the brushes are supposed to be cleaned properly by using a solvent like turpentine, white spirit or paint thinner. In the maintenance of the aluminium garage door, cleanliness of brushes is also essential may for further use. Use the latex paint which is oil based and dip the brush in plenty of solvent to remove all the residue paint.

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