Monday, 28 August 2017

How To Test Your Garage Door Opener For Safety

Garage doors are the largest and probably the heaviest moving part of every home. On one side where it is designed to protect the homeowners and their belongings, on the other side, they can cause accidents and injuries if not handled carefully. In order to avoid accidents, a garage door and its opener are equipped with various safety features. These safety features are meant to reduce the chances of any accident or injury.

Ever homeowner must check the safety features of the garage door and its residential opener once every month. It is vital to ensure that the opener is in proper working order. Add this 5 minute task in your 'to-do' list and ensure the safety and security of your home and valuables.

Test the balance of your garage door:

Step 1. Pull on the red release cord to disconnect your garage door from the opener.
Step 2. Manually close the garage door, and stop it at waist height.
Step 3. Now release the door. If the door goes down itself, it needs to be adjusted. And if it reverses back, that means springs are too tight, making the garage door go back automatically. Both of these scenarios put a lot of pressure on the door opener. It is due to that it has to work against the door wanting to reverse back, or against gravity wanting to pull the door down without enough spring tension.
Step 4. Make sure the door stays at waist height. If it doesn’t, there is some fault in your garage door opener, and your door and springs that must be adjusted by a professional.

Test your garage door opener:

Step 1. Open your garage door and place a wooden plant on the floor near the door center.
Step 2. Now, close the door with the help of the opener. When the door closes on the wooden plank, it should reverse back automatically.
Step 3. If the door reverses, it means it is in a proper working order. If it does not reverse, this is a serious safety hazard. Immediately adjust the opener settings or maybe it is time to replace the opener with a new and advance model.

Remember, your garage door opener must have the automatic reversing system. If your opener is manufactured before 1992, make sure you replace it as soon as possible. You can ask your manufacturer if you are not sure about the 4 digit date of manufacture.

At Promaster Garage Doors & Windows, our professionals are always ready to walk you through the garage door and opener selection and installation process. You can rely on our adroit technicians for all sorts of garage door repair, installation and replacement needs. We offer a wide range of branded garage doors and openers to our residential and commercial customers across Canada.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Winter-proof Your Overhead Door – Tips From Garage Door Repair Professionals

It is that time of the year in the city when after you pull into your driveway, you cannot wait to get out of the cold and into your warm home as soon as possible. This plan fails, though, when you suddenly find your garage door won’t open. It is frustrating, yes, but it’s a quite common occurrence during the chilly months. During the winter months, overhead doors tend to get stuck for a wide range of reasons, which can cause homeowners to call garage door repair professionals. And when temperatures drop very low, the door may even shut down, leaving you standing out in the cold.

Your garage is one of the most important components of your home. You use it every day, and it keeps your vehicle safe from harsh weather. When your return home from a long day at work, you shouldn’t have to stress about whether or not your door will open. Luckily, with a few maintenance steps, you can prevent the cold weather to take its toll on your door and keep it in A-one condition.

Remove any grease or gunk build-up on the door track. When you use your door quite frequently, over time, debris can accumulate on the track and rollers, which interrupts the opening and closing mechanism. Eventually, the tracks may become so clogged that your door won’t be able to open or close at all, which can be very inconvenient when temperatures drop to low levels. Take a cloth, start from inside the garage, and wipe away any grease build-up.

Lubricate all moving parts. After cleaning the tracks, use machine oil to lubricate the track, rollers, hinges and bushings. The cold weather can make these parts to stick and become stalled, and lubricating will help them to operate smoothly again. After you’re done, wipe away the excess oil to prevent build-up. It is important to clean and lubricate your overhead door a few times a year, getting into the practice now can only help you down the lane.

Look for cracks that need repairs. Since you use the door almost everyday, it sees a lot of wear and tear. Weather-stripping tends to crack after extended use, allowing snow and ice inside your garage, causing the door to freeze shut. Use a cloth to wipe your stripping down and look for problem areas, and call garage door repair professionals to make necessary fixes.

These are simple ways to winter-proof your overhead door—if these don’t help, you may need to call professionals. If your door is malfunctioning, do not hesitate to contact the team at "Promaster Garage Doors & Windows", Canada. Our garage door repair professionals will do their best to identify and fix your problem as quickly as possible, so you do not have to stand out in the cold.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Top Reasons Behind a Noisy Garage Door

The contemporary garage door is a complicated piece of machinery that comprised of numerous moving parts. Most of the garage door parts are fabricated with metal. Therefore, when the metal moves against other metal part, they make noise. According to the Canada garage door technicians, there are various potential factors leading to a noisy garage door. A garage door is the biggest moving part of every commercial and residential establishment. People rely on this machinery for the protection of their family members and valuables.

A garage door will provide safety and security only if its pristine condition is maintained. If your door is creating some weird noise while operation, there are chances that any of its moving parts is resisting its smooth functioning.

Here are a few common causes of garage door noise:

Type of Garage Door Opener: There are mainly three types of door openers and each opener has a different level of noise. Chain drive opener is the most cost-effective opener, is robust and reliable but creates a lot of noise. The belt-drive are a bit expensive but creates the least amount of noise.

Worn Parts: The garage doors travel their guide rail with the help of the rollers that are attached on either side. Over time these rollers tend to get damaged and start creating squeaky noise. Hinges that hold the garage door panels together can also be the potential cause of noisy door. They can be easily lubricated or replaced. Also make sure that all the bolts and nuts along the track are firm and have not shaken loose.

Door Balance: An unbalanced door can be the substantial cause of a lot of noise. Homeowners can easily check the balance of the door by raising it manually. You just need to pull the red emergency cord to disconnect the door from the drive unit. Now, raise the door manually and if it shows any resistance or falls down, call reliable technicians to fix your unbalanced door.

Miscellaneous Issues: Other miscellaneous issues that might cause noise include problems with the drive unit, gears, spring coils, roller bearing worn down and more. These parts are quite complex and it is advised to seek professional help in these repairs. Attempting these repairs yourself can be really dangerous.

Garage door repair is a complex task. It requires sound technical knowledge and tools. Some of the critical garage door parts work under a lot of pressure and can cause personal and property harm if not handled properly.

We, at “Promaster Garage Doors and Windows” offer a wide range of garage door repair, installation and maintenance solutions at the most competitive price. Our professional technicians are capable of handling broken springs, frayed cables, faulty garage door openers, worn-out rollers and more..

Friday, 12 May 2017

Top Reason Why Garage Door Torsion Springs Break

Garage door torsion springs play a vital role in the smooth operation of a garage door. If your garage door fails to open, it might be the outcome of damaged or worn-out torsion springs. They work under a lot of pressure and must be handled by experts. When the torsion springs break, most of the homeowners wonder where they went wrong as they aren't aware of the common issues associated with springs.

Some of the common problems of torsion spring that eventually lead to failure of your garage door include:

Rust on the Spring

If you encounter rusted springs, ensure that they are replaced as soon as possible. The rusted springs are the potential sign of any damage or harm. When the spring develops rust, the friction on the coil gets increased. It leads to corrosion of the coil that weakens the spring. Homeowners can try to prevent the rust by spraying some good quality lubricant on the coils once every three months. It is an ideal option to prevent the rust and maintain their condition.

Incorrect Springs

Different garage doors rely on a different spring mechanism to work accurately. The springs are specially engineered to make the door operational. The spring must be of specified length and wire size, otherwise it may lead to some serious personal and property damages.

Wear and Tear

Simple wear and tear in the garage door torsion spring can lead to its failure. Torsion springs work for a stipulated period of time. In general, a set of torsion springs tend to provide a minimum of 10,000 to 15,000 cycles, which is one up and down cycle. Generally, a family goes through two or more cycles a day. If you know that you use your garage door more often, it is advised to inspect your door springs periodically for any damage. This way you can maintain their pristine condition by replacing the damaged torsion springs on time.

Poor Maintenance

The root cause of garage door torsion spring failure is poor maintenance. It is strongly recommended to maintain the condition of the door and its complex moving parts to enhance the lifespan of the springs. Make sure the door is balanced and lubricate the moving parts of the door. Test whether your door is balanced or not, lift it up to a halfway point and release it. The door will be still, if the springs are maintained otherwise you will notice some issues with the balance. Visually inspect the springs to ensure the smooth operation of the door.

We, at Promaster Garage Doors and Windows, provide a wide range of garage door repair and maintenance solutions across Canada. We specialize in broken springs, frayed or spooled cables, off-track doors, faulty openers and apart from these services we also deal in various leading garage door manufacturer brands such as Lynx, Stanley, Wayne Dalton, Genie and more.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Why You Need To Call Canadian Garage Door Repair Technicians?

Garage Door Technician
Many people just overlook the importance of a functioning garage door. They would love to spend thousands of dollars in a home alarm but forget to close the doors or don't pay much attention towards its repair and maintenance. A garage door that is well operational plays a vital role in your home security. Damaged or worn-out doors are easy target for canny thieves as they can easily break them and gain easy access into the garage and your home.

It is advised to the homeowners to visually inspect their doors twice a month to check for any potential damage. In case you encounter some faults in the door, call reliable door Dundas technician. Garage doors comprise of several complex parts that can only be repaired by professional technicians. There are various reasons that make you call up professional technicians that include:

Spring Replacement

Spring is one of the most crucial and complex parts of a door system. It works under a lot of pressure and repair utmost care. Broken springs can lead to some serious personal and property damages. The professional technicians can handle various issues associated with springs including broken torsion springs, extension springs of both residential and commercial establishments. These adroit technicians can also guide you about how can you maintain their condition by performing some simple DIE chores.

Garage Door Openers

Door openers allow easy and automatic operation of the door. With a push of a button, people are allowed to open or close the door. One of the most common issues with the opener is misalignment of photo eyes, worn-out gear and sprockets etc. The garage door specialists will resolve these issues be realigning the photo eyes and replacing the damaged gears and sprockets.

Broken Cables

Are your garage door cables broken? The cables are the most essential part of a door making it function effortlessly. They work under a lot of tension and must be handled with care by an expert technician.

Panel Replacement

Over time, the garage door panels tend to crack, warp, break or bend. This wear and dear gets immense with continuous use of the door. Faulty panels can damage the door and your belongings as well. It is strongly recommended to consult professionals to undertake the maintenance task as they have the right tools and equipments.

Garage Door Parts

It's the contribution of numerous garage door parts that a door performs smoothly. These parts must be maintained and repaired periodically. Look for the door repair service provider that can provide spare parts of all makes and models of doors. Efficient door parts are pivotal for pristine condition and working of a door.

Miscellaneous Parts

There are various other things that must also be maintained and checked. The door opener remote, roller replacement, offtrack doors, weather seal replacement and many other parts of the door must be handled with care under professional assistance.

“Dormaster” provides a wide range of solutions for garage door repair, replacement, installation and maintenance. Our garage door Burlington professionals can mend any make and model of garage door within a few minutes.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Professional Tips To Repair Garage Doors Faults

Faulty Garage Door
A faulty garage door can be the reason for the delay in an important meeting. Or you might miss the beginning of your favorite movie. Before you start panicking or cursing the technician who has installed the door, it is better to calm yourself down and check the potential cause of the fault. You might have to undertake the overhead garage door repair yourself. It is advised to perform periodic maintenance of the door to prevent occurrence of such situations. Here are some of the 'Do-It-Yourself' solutions that can help you overcome the problems.

1. Vacation Switch – Most of the doors are equipped with vacation switch. Make sure the switch is in workable condition. Many times it becomes the substantial cause of the problem. This switch is meant to offer reliable security particularly when you are out for vacations. It is advised to not to activate it on a normal day, as it may create an interruption in your normal operations. It can also override the remote and adjourn its functioning. Make sure the vacation button is disengaged during normal days.

2. Monitor Sensor Beam – Sensors are located near the floor allowing automatic operation of the garage doors. There is an emitter and a receiver sensor that are perfectly aligned for proper operation. Sometimes misaligned tracks lead the sensors to fall out of alignment. You just need to align the tracks properly and check the sensor lens present on either side of the door. If everything seems fine, just check the wiring of the sensors.

3. Analyze Door Close Sensitivity – If you are technically sound and planning to analyze the door close sensitivity, make sure you thoroughly read the door opener setting manual. The advanced openers are equipped with sensitivity setting that can be customized by the user. Apply the new settings and check if the door is properly balanced. Test the rolling code technology by placing some object under the door and check if it's reversing action working or not. If the reverse action fails to work, increase the garage door sensitivity. But, avoid setting it to extreme sensitive settings.

4. Miscellaneous Settings – If every effort fails, you can check the emergency release settings. In order to activate the emergency release setting, use the red cord located near the trolley. This allows you to manually   operate the door if the opener fails to do so. It is time to call up professionals for complete garage door repair and service.

We, at Dormaster, provide garage door professionals having extensive experience in repair, replacement and installation of every make and model of garage door. There are many critical parts that require expert assistance. Feel free to call Garage Door Dundas and Burlington garage door to Canadian citizens including opener installation, replacement, panel insulation, parts and many more.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Factors To be Considered Before Buying a Sliding Garage Door

Garage doors can provide a convenient way to keep your commercial property or residence premises secure and safe. Gates can either be swing or slide to open and shut. So, on the basis of your budget, aesthetic preference and space, you can select the best gate type. There are many Garage door Toronto professionals who provide superior repair and installation services. Sliding garage doors are not as affordable as other garage door systems such as the side hinged or up and over options. But they are easy to use and provide the best operating capabilities. There are several garage door repair technicians who are efficient in installing any type of door. Sliding garage doors are robust, remote controllable and can be opened and closed even when there is hindrance behind or in front of the opening.

Features of Sliding Garage door

Special Requirements for Sliding Door

Sliding doors demands special requirement for the fitting such as a level and a true base which is needed to be prepared before the fitting of the tracks. After the completion of this step, you have to look for mechanism which makes the door to be partially or fully opened without affecting the space behind or in front of the garage door’s level. This kind of door provides smooth functioning for closing and opening. It also requires less physical effort to operate. Sliding doors can be motorized and controlled remotely.

Advantages Of Sliding Garage Doors

To have a horizontal sliding motion in sliding door is of unique advantage as the tracks can be fitted on either the outside or inside of the structure. The tracks control and hold the movement of the door to ensure that the closed door is secured. This type of door has the strongest and the most solid system around. It has the advantage that it can also be locked in various ways, also providing greater resistance to wind which is not available on other types of garage door.

Physical Characteristics

As compared to other types of garage door, sliding doors are much larger and are usually supported at both the top and bottom. So, we can conclude that sliding doors are perfect for bigger openings, and can be used in commercial establishments too. These doors can also be sectional in construction by having vertical hinges which assist the door panels to bend and hinge around the corner and returns. This sectional door panel allows you to choose the size accordingly because each panel can be added or removed by the manufacturers of these doors to decrease or increase the size of the door.

Sliding Doors Make Great Fashion Statement

Sliding doors are easy to use and also provide best operating systems. These doors are perfect choice for commercial establishments or you can say for bigger openings. Sliding garage doors are sturdy in nature and can be controlled by remote, allowing you to put less physical effort to operate. So, having a sliding garage door means you don’t have to worry about leaving space to open it from the outside.

"Promaster" offers superior quality of garage door installation and repair services. Our proficient and adroit professionals deliver 24/7 hour services so feel free to call in emergency. We have been providing value-for-money Garage Door Vaughan and Garage Door Repair services to Canadian citizens including opener repair, spring replacement, panel insulation and many more. We, at Promaster offer  highly professional and customized garage door solutions to households and commercial clients in Canada.