Friday, 22 April 2016

Professional Tips To Repair Garage Doors Faults

Faulty Garage Door
A faulty garage door can be the reason for the delay in an important meeting. Or you might miss the beginning of your favorite movie. Before you start panicking or cursing the technician who has installed the door, it is better to calm yourself down and check the potential cause of the fault. You might have to undertake the overhead garage door repair yourself. It is advised to perform periodic maintenance of the door to prevent occurrence of such situations. Here are some of the 'Do-It-Yourself' solutions that can help you overcome the problems.

1. Vacation Switch – Most of the doors are equipped with vacation switch. Make sure the switch is in workable condition. Many times it becomes the substantial cause of the problem. This switch is meant to offer reliable security particularly when you are out for vacations. It is advised to not to activate it on a normal day, as it may create an interruption in your normal operations. It can also override the remote and adjourn its functioning. Make sure the vacation button is disengaged during normal days.

2. Monitor Sensor Beam – Sensors are located near the floor allowing automatic operation of the garage doors. There is an emitter and a receiver sensor that are perfectly aligned for proper operation. Sometimes misaligned tracks lead the sensors to fall out of alignment. You just need to align the tracks properly and check the sensor lens present on either side of the door. If everything seems fine, just check the wiring of the sensors.

3. Analyze Door Close Sensitivity – If you are technically sound and planning to analyze the door close sensitivity, make sure you thoroughly read the door opener setting manual. The advanced openers are equipped with sensitivity setting that can be customized by the user. Apply the new settings and check if the door is properly balanced. Test the rolling code technology by placing some object under the door and check if it's reversing action working or not. If the reverse action fails to work, increase the garage door sensitivity. But, avoid setting it to extreme sensitive settings.

4. Miscellaneous Settings – If every effort fails, you can check the emergency release settings. In order to activate the emergency release setting, use the red cord located near the trolley. This allows you to manually   operate the door if the opener fails to do so. It is time to call up professionals for complete garage door repair and service.

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