Monday, 15 May 2017

Top Reasons Behind a Noisy Garage Door

The contemporary garage door is a complicated piece of machinery that comprised of numerous moving parts. Most of the garage door parts are fabricated with metal. Therefore, when the metal moves against other metal part, they make noise. According to the Canada garage door technicians, there are various potential factors leading to a noisy garage door. A garage door is the biggest moving part of every commercial and residential establishment. People rely on this machinery for the protection of their family members and valuables.

A garage door will provide safety and security only if its pristine condition is maintained. If your door is creating some weird noise while operation, there are chances that any of its moving parts is resisting its smooth functioning.

Here are a few common causes of garage door noise:

Type of Garage Door Opener: There are mainly three types of door openers and each opener has a different level of noise. Chain drive opener is the most cost-effective opener, is robust and reliable but creates a lot of noise. The belt-drive are a bit expensive but creates the least amount of noise.

Worn Parts: The garage doors travel their guide rail with the help of the rollers that are attached on either side. Over time these rollers tend to get damaged and start creating squeaky noise. Hinges that hold the garage door panels together can also be the potential cause of noisy door. They can be easily lubricated or replaced. Also make sure that all the bolts and nuts along the track are firm and have not shaken loose.

Door Balance: An unbalanced door can be the substantial cause of a lot of noise. Homeowners can easily check the balance of the door by raising it manually. You just need to pull the red emergency cord to disconnect the door from the drive unit. Now, raise the door manually and if it shows any resistance or falls down, call reliable technicians to fix your unbalanced door.

Miscellaneous Issues: Other miscellaneous issues that might cause noise include problems with the drive unit, gears, spring coils, roller bearing worn down and more. These parts are quite complex and it is advised to seek professional help in these repairs. Attempting these repairs yourself can be really dangerous.

Garage door repair is a complex task. It requires sound technical knowledge and tools. Some of the critical garage door parts work under a lot of pressure and can cause personal and property harm if not handled properly.

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