Thursday, 29 June 2017

Winter-proof Your Overhead Door – Tips From Garage Door Repair Professionals

It is that time of the year in the city when after you pull into your driveway, you cannot wait to get out of the cold and into your warm home as soon as possible. This plan fails, though, when you suddenly find your garage door won’t open. It is frustrating, yes, but it’s a quite common occurrence during the chilly months. During the winter months, overhead doors tend to get stuck for a wide range of reasons, which can cause homeowners to call garage door repair professionals. And when temperatures drop very low, the door may even shut down, leaving you standing out in the cold.

Your garage is one of the most important components of your home. You use it every day, and it keeps your vehicle safe from harsh weather. When your return home from a long day at work, you shouldn’t have to stress about whether or not your door will open. Luckily, with a few maintenance steps, you can prevent the cold weather to take its toll on your door and keep it in A-one condition.

Remove any grease or gunk build-up on the door track. When you use your door quite frequently, over time, debris can accumulate on the track and rollers, which interrupts the opening and closing mechanism. Eventually, the tracks may become so clogged that your door won’t be able to open or close at all, which can be very inconvenient when temperatures drop to low levels. Take a cloth, start from inside the garage, and wipe away any grease build-up.

Lubricate all moving parts. After cleaning the tracks, use machine oil to lubricate the track, rollers, hinges and bushings. The cold weather can make these parts to stick and become stalled, and lubricating will help them to operate smoothly again. After you’re done, wipe away the excess oil to prevent build-up. It is important to clean and lubricate your overhead door a few times a year, getting into the practice now can only help you down the lane.

Look for cracks that need repairs. Since you use the door almost everyday, it sees a lot of wear and tear. Weather-stripping tends to crack after extended use, allowing snow and ice inside your garage, causing the door to freeze shut. Use a cloth to wipe your stripping down and look for problem areas, and call garage door repair professionals to make necessary fixes.

These are simple ways to winter-proof your overhead door—if these don’t help, you may need to call professionals. If your door is malfunctioning, do not hesitate to contact the team at "Promaster Garage Doors & Windows", Canada. Our garage door repair professionals will do their best to identify and fix your problem as quickly as possible, so you do not have to stand out in the cold.

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