Monday, 28 August 2017

How To Test Your Garage Door Opener For Safety

Garage doors are the largest and probably the heaviest moving part of every home. On one side where it is designed to protect the homeowners and their belongings, on the other side, they can cause accidents and injuries if not handled carefully. In order to avoid accidents, a garage door and its opener are equipped with various safety features. These safety features are meant to reduce the chances of any accident or injury.

Ever homeowner must check the safety features of the garage door and its residential opener once every month. It is vital to ensure that the opener is in proper working order. Add this 5 minute task in your 'to-do' list and ensure the safety and security of your home and valuables.

Test the balance of your garage door:

Step 1. Pull on the red release cord to disconnect your garage door from the opener.
Step 2. Manually close the garage door, and stop it at waist height.
Step 3. Now release the door. If the door goes down itself, it needs to be adjusted. And if it reverses back, that means springs are too tight, making the garage door go back automatically. Both of these scenarios put a lot of pressure on the door opener. It is due to that it has to work against the door wanting to reverse back, or against gravity wanting to pull the door down without enough spring tension.
Step 4. Make sure the door stays at waist height. If it doesn’t, there is some fault in your garage door opener, and your door and springs that must be adjusted by a professional.

Test your garage door opener:

Step 1. Open your garage door and place a wooden plant on the floor near the door center.
Step 2. Now, close the door with the help of the opener. When the door closes on the wooden plank, it should reverse back automatically.
Step 3. If the door reverses, it means it is in a proper working order. If it does not reverse, this is a serious safety hazard. Immediately adjust the opener settings or maybe it is time to replace the opener with a new and advance model.

Remember, your garage door opener must have the automatic reversing system. If your opener is manufactured before 1992, make sure you replace it as soon as possible. You can ask your manufacturer if you are not sure about the 4 digit date of manufacture.

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